Our Process

Bringing Your Site to Life

The Hy.ly Process: From Idea to Software to Launch

Developing a complex site requires meticulous research and a thorough understanding of your business concepts. We need to understand the ins and outs of your business operations so we can build the software that meets your needs. We’ve broken our process down in to 3 parts, this should help you determine if a hy.ly site is right for you!

From Idea to Design

1. Interview Client

We start by asking questions, learning all we can about the company. We think about information the user needs. What tools do the users need to access information on the site and what do we need on the backend to keep the business running efficiently?

2. Generate Ideas

At this stage our goal is to define the scope of the project by developing the sitemap. We also want to provide the client with as many ideas as we can to understand the User Experience. We do this by looking at external sites and researching how other companies exist online.

3. Wireframe Site

Now we are ready to very precisely define the user experience by creating the wireframe of the site. We break down the business rules and iron out specific functionally so we have a strong foundation when we put all the moving parts together

4. Design Site

We now want to create the user experience without actually developing the site. We design the look and feel of the site, communicating with the client each step of the way. Once everything is approved, we can begin development.

From Design to Software

Building the technology to support your business

5. Develop Front End

This is when the site really begins to come to life. We develop the front end and write up the HTML and CSS. These pages are now interactive and we can see how everything will exist on the web.

6. Wire Backend

We then complete the backend wiring allowing the site to exist as one cohesive system. At this point we are extensively testing every nook and cranny of the site, tying up all loose ends, making sure the site ready for deployment.

From Software to Live

We’re now live. Now it’s time to cross our T’s dot our I’s

Optimize for
Page Speed

We use Google Page Insights to improve speed

Optimize for

We use Google Search Console to make sure the site is search friendly.

Optimize for
Social Media

We strive to make sure your site fits the social ecosystem for which it resides.

Optimize for
all devices

We Ensure Usability Across All Devices.