Autonomous Facebook Chatterbot

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Autonomous Facebook ChatterBot

Meet Leigh, Hy.ly’s little chatterbot. She manages prospect inquiries via Facebook Messenger. Leigh ensures every prospect is cared for, adds leads to your CRM and can even schedule tours!


Autonomous Facebook ChatterBot

Hyly Product Intro Panel
Meet Leigh, Hy.ly’s little chatterbot. She manages prospect inquiries via Facebook Messenger. Leigh ensures every prospect is cared for, adds leads to your CRM and can even schedule tours!
Respond to Every Lead
Day or night, Leigh can manage prospect inquiries via Facebook Messenger. Whether it’s responding at odd hours, sending out alerts, or connecting prospects with agents, you’ve got a little helper who is working hard to ensure you never miss a lead.
Get More Leads. Period.
Whatever the level of engagement, no matter how much or how little a prospect offers, Leigh captures the lead. Even if they don’t give their name or an email address!
Keep Leads Engaged
When agents are busy with events or leading a tour, Leigh can step in as needed. She can share policy info, floorplans, schedule tours, send alerts and more! Your prospects are not left hanging.
Stay Up-to-Date
Leigh is always studying to make sure she’s up on the latest details. Whether she is gathering data from Yardi, RentCafe, Entrata, and other ILS syndication tools, or receiving manual input from an agent, or working from FAQs, she is always training to provide the best user experience.

Always Closing

Capture Every Type of Lead
You don’t have to worry if agents are too busy to answer prospect inquiries because Leigh is always there and she’s always closing. Once your community has hyChat on Facebook Messenger, it becomes a source for leads at different stages of qualification.
Named Lead
Leigh answers lead’s questions

A Named Lead has engaged the bot, but has not shared their email or preferences. These leads started the conversation and open the door for your agents to engage them on Facebook.
Interested Lead
Leigh alerts an agent

An Interested Lead has given their preferences but has not shared their email yet. In this case, Leigh will notify the agent of the new lead in the messenger stream.
Qualified Lead
Leigh creates a guest card

A Qualified Lead has shared their email and their desired preferences for bedroom, budget, etc. Leigh will automatically build and submit a guest card to Yardi.
Committed Lead
Leigh schedules a tour

A Committed Lead is ready to schedule a tour. Leigh will capture the prospect's contact information and schedule a tour.

Consistently Communicating

Answers 80+ FAQ
Whether it’s floorplan searches, learning about what the neighborhood has to offer or checking on the pet policy, Leigh can provide many of the details so the prospect doesn’t have to wait.
Helps Leads Find Their Perfect Floor Plan
With the “Help Me” search function, prospects are able to find specific floorplans, or they can choose to view all floorplans at once.
Sends Tour Confirmations & Reminders
Leigh automatically sends tour confirmations and reminders to prospects who scheduled on Messenger to reduce the number of no-shows.
Showcases Your Photos
To really show off a property, Leigh can share multiple galleries of interior and exterior photos, as well as the amenities and surrounding neighborhood.
Lists Features & Amenities on Demand
Leigh easily provides a list of apartment features or amenities, on demand.
Records Every Conversation
Leigh keeps an archive of every conversation so that you can review her discussions anytime.

Seamless Integration

Updates Information Instantly
Leigh is constantly updating to make sure she’s up on the latest details to offer the best user experience. And, if for some reason she ever gets stuck for an answer, she has a fall-back response to always redirect the prospect to a real agent.
Pulls Data From Your ILS Feed
Leigh receives important information from many sources on a regular basis. For example, Leigh can pull floor plans and pricing directly from RENTCafe.
Works to Create a Cohesive, Nurturing Prospect Experience
hyChat integrates with hyCRM, hyTours, and hyMail - so your prospects are nurtured well throughout the customer lifecycle journey.