Overview: What Makes Up the Email Header?

Concept Summary

  • Make sure the Subject field advertises the email campaign’s content and gives an incentive for a prospect to click on it, and the From email address has been verified.
  • The Reply To field can have a leasing agent’s email address to respond to any campaign leads. There are also optional fields for CC, BCC, and Attachments.


In this lesson, we will be going over the fields that make up the Email Header, and what information is required for each field.

2. Email Header is the next step after you are done creating an email campaign on the editor. As you are getting your email ready to be sent out, you will need to make sure that it will be sent from the correct email address, and if recipients are able to reply back.

The three most important fields that need to be filled out are Subject, From, and Reply To. Using the diagram below, you should fill out these fields like so:

  1. Subject Field: The text in this field should match up with the email’s content, and can give your recipients an incentive to open / click on the email. You can also use macros in the email’s subject to make the campaign more personalized. To see how macros can be used in hyMail, view our tutorial, How To Use Macros in an Email.
  2. From Field: Make sure that the email address you enter in this field has been verified. Refer to our tutorial, How To Verify an Email Address for the Email Header, for more information.
  3. Reply To: Although this is an optional field, “Reply To” is best used if the “From” email address is a corporate one. This way, you can enter in a leasing agent’s email address to respond to any leads that receive your email. However, if “From” is the leasing agent’s email, this is not necessary.

The remaining three fields are entirely optional, but can still be used if necessary:

  • CC: Use this field if you want to include any of your salespeople as recipients so they can receive both the email and any replies its campaign gets.
  • BCC: Use this field if a supervisor or leasing agent wants to monitor the email campaign. Their email addresses will be hidden from the campaign’s recipients.
  • Attachments: Use this field if you want to attach something like an invitation flyer or a survey form.

Once you have made all of the necessary changes, click the Update button. That covers our overview of the Email Header.