Overview of Your Navigation Bar

Quick Steps

  1. The Navigation Bar is made up of three sections: the Property Selector dropdown, the User Options dropdown, and the Hy.ly logo.
  2. The Property Selector dropdown displays each property alphabetized and grouped by region.
  3. The User Options dropdown contains your account options.
  4. Click on the Hy.ly logo to be automatically redirected to the Property Start Screen at any time.
  5. You will also notice that when on certain application pages, extra sections will appear on the Navigation Bar’s left side.

Tutorial Guide

When you log into your my.hy.ly account and end up on the Property Start Screen, you will see the Navigation Bar at the top of the page. There are three sections that will constantly be on the Navigation Bar:

  1. Property Selector dropdown: Lists all of your organizations and properties in an easy-to-navigate structure.
  2. User Options dropdown: Here you can access and make changes to your account profile, or log out of your account.
  3. Hy.ly logo: If you want to go back to the main page at any time, click on the logo and you will be redirected back to your Property Start Screen.

Click on the Property Selector dropdown, and you will see that your organization will be listed on the left side of the expanded panel, while your properties will be listed on the right. Each property will be organized alphabetically and by region.

While you are going through the application pages, like hyMail for example, extra elements will appear on the left side of the Navigation Bar:

  1. App Switcher: Clicking on this icon will take you back to the Property Start Screen, where you can switch to another application, or a recently visited sub-app.
  2. App Dropdown: Content under this dropdown will link to the application’s other sub-apps, which will change depending which app you are currently on.
  3. Breadcrumbs: This element, which will appear when you are on pages that edit content, will allow you to retrace your path back through the app.

That covers what elements are on your navigation bar.