Overview: Sent Email Report

Concept Summary

  • The Sent Email Report is a table displaying all of the individual email campaigns sent from a sub-org in the past month. Information from each email is divided into several categories consisting of the data from each email’s Overview Report.
  • Changing the dates under the Calendar dropdown will allow you to see how many emails were sent from a time range.
  • Campaigns highlighted in red text indicate that the email had a high unsubscribe, spam, complaint, or bounce rate.


In this overview, we will go over what data you can view under the hyMail app’s Sent Email Report section.

hyMail’s sub-app Report will catalogue all of your emails into a table that break down the data into a series of numbers / percentages. This data is then grouped into categories that are monitored when the email is sent out to its selected recipients. When you click on the sub-app Report, you will be taken to the Sent Email Report page by default. The Sent Email Report page will display a table of all of the email campaigns that have been sent under your property from the past month.

You have the option to see how many emails were sent on a specific time range by clicking on the Calendar.

Email campaigns that are highlighted in red text will indicate that there were elements of high unsubscribe rates, spam index, complaints, or bounce threshold. Data fields that have exceeded the threshold rates will also be highlighted in red text under their specific categories.

You can choose to export the Sent Email Report spreadsheet as a CSV file by clicking the Export button. However, you can break down the sent email data further by clicking the Export Email Links button. This will export a CSV file of a spreadsheet dividing all of the clickable links under each sent email into their own category. Information under this spreadsheet will display how many of your leads clicked a specific link on an email campaign.

That covers what you can see on your Sent Email Report page.