Overview of Prospect Information (Agent Calendar)

The Agent Calendar does more than display upcoming property tours, past property tours, and events for your leasing agents. In this tutorial, we will go over what actions you can do on a Prospect’s Information Form.

If you click on a prospect’s tour, their information form will be displayed as an overlay page. There are a series of tabs at the top of the page: Dashboard, Notes, Feedback, Prospect Edit, and Prospect Activity. To go back to the Agent Calendar, click the [ x ] icon in the top right corner.

Dashboard, the default tab that you will be on, will display the Appointment Info and the Prospect Info. The Appointment Info section will showcase the date and time that the prospect’s tour will take place; if necessary, you can either cancel or reschedule their tour on this page. The Prospect Info section will show their name, email, contact number, and any specifications about what type of living space they are looking for.

Under the Notes tab, you can write down anything that an agent should know about the prospect.

The Feedback tab is what an agent should use after the prospect’s tour appointment has occurred. For more information about how this sections works, view our tutorial on How To Close Out A Tour.

The Prospect Edit tab will redirect you to your prospect details page, where you can edit any of their information.

Prospect Activity will redirect you to the prospect’s Activity Stream. This displays what property websites they’ve recently visited, emails they opened or clicked on, etc.

That covers what you can do on a prospect’s information form.