Overview: my.hy.ly Automation

In this overview we will go over the “WHEN-THEN” model that makes up the my.hy.ly Automation app. You will also learn how automations work, and how they can be utilized with emails, tours, and leads.

The “WHEN-THEN” model is the one rule that allows users to set up Automations under their my.hy.ly account, and how they function. Its one simple rule is: “When a specific action happens, you can choose to program a set of responding actions.” For example, say that you create an automation that triggers an email drip campaign when one of your prospects signs a lease, and it is structured like the following:

As shown by the automated drip, a series of emails will be sent to a newly-leased prospect over the course of 30 days. WHEN a prospect’s status is changed to “Leased,” THEN the email drip campaign will start immediately with a Welcome email. Two days later, a Stay In Touch email will be automatically sent out to the leased prospect. This will continue over the course of the drip campaign’s length, with the last email (Happy Anniversary) being sent on Day 30.

Another example of how an automation can function using the “WHEN-THEN” model is if you create an automation that triggers a series of reactions when a prospect decides to schedule a tour of your property:

WHEN their tour appointment form is submitted, the automation will THEN send out the following items:

  • An email to the prospect notifying them that their tour has been successfully scheduled
  • A notification to an agent informing them that they have gained a new prospect
  • The prospect’s state will automatically change to “Scheduled”
  • The prospect will automatically change to “Active”
  • An alert will be sent to CRM, notifying of the newly-scheduled tour

These are just a few of the many automations that can be created under my.hy.ly.

That covers what you need to know about the automation basics and how they can be set up.