Overview: Alerts Log

In our Overview of Tasks and Alerts Notifications, we briefly went over how alerts function on your CRM dashboard. However, that notification tab just shows the most recent alerts that a leasing agent has received.

To get to the Alerts Log, you can either open up the Alerts tab and click the link “See All Alerts,” or by clicking on the Reports section under the dropdown field, and then clicking on the link named “Alerts Log” on the navigation bar.

As you can see, the Alerts Log keeps track of all of the activities done by prospects in an orderly list, with the most recent notifications being displayed on the top.

You do not have to scroll endlessly through this page; however, you can search for certain types of alerts using any of the filters displayed under the Alerts Search sidebar.

Selecting the All States dropdown, you can choose to see all of the new alerts – which are marked as “Unseen” – or old alerts – which have been marked as “Seen.”

Quick Note: to prevent confusion, “Seen” alerts will have the action “Mark as Unseen” on the Alerts Log, while “Unseen” alerts will have the action “Mark as Seen.”

Under the All Types dropdown, you can select the specific type of alert you want to search for.

By changing the search parameter options under the Any Time dropdown, you are able to view alerts ranging from as recent as the last 24 hours, to as far back as alerts that were received within the last month.

If you want to view alerts pertaining to a very specific prospect, you have the option of typing in their name, email address, and / or organization in their respected fields. Once you have selected all of the filters you want to search through, click the Search button.

You can easily mark an alert activity as either “Seen” or “Unseen” by clicking the blue link under the Action column of the Alert Log. If you want to mark all alerts as “Seen,” click the Mark all as Seen button, which is located on the top right of the page.

That concludes our overview of the Alert Log page, and how you can quickly view or manage both current and past alert notifications.