Overview: Activity Log

Although you will spend the majority of your time in hyCRM monitoring your prospects’ and their various activities, you also have the option to gather information about what actions the leasing agents have done using the Activity Log.

To get to the Activity Log, go to a property’s hyCRM page, then click on the dropdown field labeled Prospects in the top menu. If you hover over the “Reports” option, you will notice that it has the following items under its section:

  • Agent Activity
  • Alerts Log
  • Prospect Follow-Up

Click on “Reports,” and you will be redirected to the Activity Log, a table that breaks down all of the activities that your agents have done over the course of their work day in a chart. Activities are segmented into separate columns based on each action an agent can do on hyCRM:

  • Tasks Completed
  • Notes Added
  • Prospect Added
  • Emails Scheduled
  • Emails Sent
  • Emails Received
  • Calls Made
  • Calls Received
  • Demos Scheduled
  • Unique Prospects

You are also able to view a list of all completed activities at the bottom of the chart, similar to a prospect’s Activity Stream.

Using the Activity Log, you monitor not only how much work agents are doing, but also if you want to see if an agent is particularly focused on a specific task. For example, if you want to view which agents made the most amount of calls yesterday, simply click on the “Calls Made” header. The agent with the most calls made to prospects will be displayed at the top of the list.

You can also select an agent’s specific activity to be displayed under the stream using the information displayed on the log. When you click on a task number in an agent’s role, (example: if you want to see the emails they send yesterday) the entries under that task will appear in the stream section.

Additionally, you are also able to customize the information you want to display on the log using the page’s sidebar.

The drop down menu at the top of the sidebar allows you to modify the timeframe of the Activity Log. For example, if you want to see what was accomplished last week, all you have to do is click on the dropdown and select the option “Last 7 Days.”

The drop down menu below the time dropdown lists all of the agents. When you want to view a specific agent to see what actions they have accomplished throughout their work day, click on the dropdown and then click on their name.

This concludes our overview of the Activity Log, and how you can use it to notice the productivity in your leasing agents, as well as possible constant variables and trends.