How To Verify an Email Address for the Email Header

In this tutorial, you will learn how to verify the email address that you can put in the email header’s “From” field.

When you are preparing an email campaign to be sent out, designing the campaign is only one part of the multi-step process. The next step is to make sure the fields in its email header are set up according to your preferences.

The header’s “From” field contains the email address that your email will be sent from when it is scheduled. When a new email address is written for the first time in this field, a button labeled Verify This Email will appear.

Click on Verify This Email and a notification will appear, saying that a verification request has been sent to the entered address. This request will contain a link that when clicked on, will confirm that the email address is genuine and not spam or a false address.

Once you click the verification email’s link, go back, refresh the Email Header page, and re-enter your “From” email address in the field. You should see the button be replaced with a text box labeled ✔︎ Verified!

That is all there is to making sure that your “From” email address is verified, allowing your campaign to be successfully sent out.