How To: Upload a CSV File for your Leads

Quick Steps

  1. Have your leads spreadsheet saved out as a CSV file. This spreadsheet should contain at least a column listing your leads’ email addresses.
  2. Select Import / Export from the sidebar of your Leads app.
  3. Select your CSV file to be imported under the section Upload CSV File. Make sure that the numbers of rows and fields match up with what is displayed on the File Upload pop-up window, and click the Looks good button.

Tutorial Guide

In this tutorial, we will go over how you can upload a CSV file to import your leads.

Step 1:

Have a leads spreadsheet that is saved out as a CSV file. This spreadsheet should contain all of the entries that you want to be imported to your property, and should at least have a column listing the email addresses.

Step 2:

When you have your CSV file, login to your account, click on the Leads app, and select which sub-org will have its leads imported. Once you are on its main Leads page, click on the App Menu and select the option “Import / Export” from its dropdown sidebar.

Step 3:

Under the section Step 1: Upload CSV, click the Select File button. Locate your CSV file, and select it to be imported.

A pop-up window will then verify the number of rows and fields that will be imported from your spreadsheet. If the numbers match up, click the Looks good button. If you notice any inconsistencies or errors, click the Let me restart button and make the necessary corrections.

Your file is now successfully imported to your Leads database. The next step is mapping it out, which you can view the tutorial for here.