How To: Resize Images for Emails

Quick Steps

  1. Go to the Media page under your hyMail app. Upload your image, or if your image is already uploaded to Media, hover over it and click the Edit option.
  2. On the Image Editor, click the Resize option on the sidebar.
  3. Enter the image width to be 580 px, and click the Resize button when you are done.
  4. Click the Save As New Image button to finalize your changes.

Tutorial Guide

In this tutorial, we will go over how you can resize your images under the Media Library organizer.

On hyMail email templates, there are placeholder images that display the recommended size dimensions that you should use when replacing a specific image. These are just general guidelines however, as there can always be an exception to the rule.

For example, you may have images that are too big to fit the image constraints, but do not have access to an editing software program. In this case, there are two ways that your image can be resized:

  • Replace a placeholder image directly when you are editing an email. The image will automatically resize to fit the listed dimensions.
  • Edit an image under hyMail’s Media organizer.

Step 1:

Go to your property’s hyMail page, and select Media from the App Dropdown bar. If you need to upload your image file to Media, click the orange button with a + icon. If your image is already uploaded, hover over it and select the option Edit.

Step 2:

An image editor will appear on the screen as soon as you select Edit. This sidebar will be on the Basics section by default and list several editing options:

  • Crop
  • Rotate
  • Resize
  • Round
  • Color

Step 3: Click on the “Resize” option, and a small window pop-up will appear, listing the image’s current Width and Height. Keep the “Maintain Aspect Ratio” checkbox checked, so your image does not look overly stretched or compressed. Click the Resize button once you are done.

Quick Note: When you type in the image’s new size, make sure that the width is the same as the placeholder image that it will replace. For example, if you are resizing this image so it can be a Featured Image, make sure its width is 580.

Step 4: To finalize your changes, click the Save As New Image button. This option is recommended since it will create a separate file of the image. If you select the standard Save option, it will overwrite the original image file. Now you can replace your newly edited image file in your email. Remember that if your image has a different width and height than the entries in the Dimension field, enter in the correct image sizes to make sure the image is proportionate.