How To: Reserve Slots for Holidays

Quick Steps

  1. Click on the Holidays and Exceptions link under your hyTours Settings page. When you click the Add a Holiday button, a new entry for your holiday / exception will appear on the page.
  2. Fill out the Date, Tour Hours / Exclusions, Max reservation per slot, and Comment fields to set up your holiday. Afterwards, click the Save button and you are done.

Tutorial Guide

In this tutorial, we will go over how you can set up holidays and excluded dates to show up on your hyTours calendar.

Step 1:

Under your hyTours Settings page, click on the link labeled Holidays & Exceptions. From here, you can add in federal holidays and exceptions (like if your company is holding a long-running meeting or going on a retreat) that will appear on your Calendar. To add a holiday / exception, click the Add a Holiday button, and a new entry will automatically appear on the page.

Step 2:

Set up the holiday / exception by filling out the following fields:

  • Date: Click on the field, and a calendar pop-up will appear. Select the date that you want excluded from the Tour Scheduler.
  • Tour Hours / Exclusions: By default, a new holiday / exception will be marked as occurring “All Day.” However, if you want to schedule something like a half-day or early closing, click the x icon under “All Day.” A time slot will appear under the Tour Hours column where you can set the hours for your exclusion, similar to how you set the tour times under the Recurring Slots page.
  • Max reservation per slot: This is an optional field most of the time since you will be posting holiday, vacations, etc.
  • Comment: Write in this field to specify what holiday or event is taking place.

After you have entered all of the holiday / exclusions’ details, click the Save button. That is how you can set up holidays and exclusions.