How To: Reserve Slots for Agent Events

Quick Steps

  1. On your property’s Agent Calendar page, click on the date that your event will take place on. A pop-up labeled New Agent Event will appear, where you will need to fill out the fields for Start Time, End Time, Title, and Note.
  2. Click the Create button, and your Agent Event will be displayed on the calendar with a purple background.
  3. When you click the Agent Event, a pop-up window will display the event’s details, and the event can also be updated or removed.

Tutorial Guide

In this tutorial, we will go over how you can add Agent Events to the Calendar, such as team meetings or lease signings.

Step 1:

Let’s say that a Weekly Team Meeting needs to be added to the calendar. Once you are on a property’s Agent Calendar page, find the date that the meeting will be taking place on and click on its slot. After a pop-up labeled “New Agent Event” appears, fill out the fields Start / End Time, Title, and Note.

  1. The Start Time and End Time fields display when the event will begin and when it will end. If there is a lease signing at 11:00 AM on the 21st, any prospects scheduling a tour on the 21st will not be able to schedule an 11:00 AM tour on your Scheduler.
  2. Under the Title field, write what the event will be about.
  3. Note is optional to fill out, but you can enter in more details or information about the event in this field.

Step 2:

Once you have written out your event, click the Create button to display it on the calendar. The newly created Agent Event will be highlighted with a purple background.

Step 3:

When your leasing agents notice the event on the calendar, all they will have to do is click its title, and the details will be displayed on the pop-up widget.

Quick Note: Agent events are great for quick meetings, move ins, etc. However, if you are going to have shorter hours or close for a holiday, we recommend you to enter the information in the Holidays and Exceptions page.

That concludes our tutorial on how you can create Agent Events.