How to Manage Tour Slots and Holidays

Managing tours that prospects have scheduled and when they’re going to happen is only half of what you can do under hyTours. You can also manage the schedules of yourself and any other agents by customizing flexible tour hours. Of course, this kind of customization also covers holidays, exceptions, and inactive hours.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to alter the availability of your tour hours, excluded time slots, and holidays with ease by using the hyTours app.

Managing Recurring Tour Slots

Step 1: After selecting which sub-org is going to have its tour hours edited, click on the hyTours app to be taken to the property’s Calendar.


Step 2: Click on the link labeled “Recurring Slots.” This page is where you can set up your tour hours/ exclusions/ maximum reservations, specify what options your prospects can select from your Tour Scheduler, when the appointments will start and how long they’ll last.


Step 3: Click on a time under the Tour Hours column to change when the tours will start and end for each day. A small window will pop-up where you can change the hour, minute, and time period.


Click outside the pop-up window once you’re done setting the hours. Repeat this for all of the other days of the week, and click the Save button when you’re done.


Step 4: The Exclusions column (next to the Tour Hours column) is where you can add hours when you and the other agents will be inactive during the tour hours. By clicking on the little box with a “plus” icon, a list of times will appear.


Simply select which time you want to not be an option for tour slots. For example, 12:00 PM is currently excluded for agents to go on lunch break. If you want 1:00 PM to also be excluded so agents have more time to go to lunch, click on its option from the pop-up window.


Step 5: To set how many people can schedule a tour on a specific day, click on the dropdown under the column labeled Max reservation per slot and select a number between 1 – 20.



Step 6: At the top of the Recurring Tour Slots page, you can also customize the following:

  • Appointment duration (how long a tour is expected to last)
  • Appointment start time (prospect can pick what time they want to schedule their tour)
  • Tour availability begin date (when prospects can start scheduling property tours)
  • Lead time (how long an agent needs to prepare between their current time and the tour)


Quick Note: While editing, always remember to click the Save button often once you’ve made changes to the hyTours Calendar.

Managing Holidays and Exceptions

Step 7: Once you’re done editing your recurring tour slots, click on the link to the right labeled “Holidays & Exceptions.” From here, you can add in federal holidays and exceptions (like if your company is holding a meeting or going on a retreat).


Quick Note: This function can also be utilized for any occurrence in which either you’ll be out of the office or your hours will be modified, such as when you go on vacation. Any holiday / exception posted on this page will override the tour hours under the Recurring Slots page.

Step 8: To add a holiday / exception, click the “Add a Holiday” button, and a new entry will automatically appear on the page.


Step 9: Edit the fields according to the holiday / exception you’re adding to the Agent Calendar:

  • Date – Click on the field, and a calendar pop-up will appear. Select the day that you want excluded from the Tour Scheduler.
  • Tour Hours / Exclusions – By default, a new holiday / exception will be marked as occurring “All Day.” However, if you want to schedule something like a half-day or an early closing, click the “x” icon under “All Day.” A time slot will appear under the Tour Hours column where you can set the hours for your exclusion, similar to how you set the tour times under the Recurring Slots page.
  • Max reservation per slot – This is optional most of the time, since you’ll be posting holidays, vacations, etc.
  • Comment – Write in the input field to specify what holiday or event is taking place.


After you’ve entered all of the holiday / exclusions’ details, click the “Save” button.

Congratulations! You are now versed in how to manage both your tour slots and your availability.

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