How To: Make, Record & Receive Calls

In our Overview of a Prospect’s Activity Stream, we briefly went over how a leasing agent can call a prospect. In this tutorial, we will go over the details of how you can make a call from the hyCRM app. Additionally, you will also learn how to record and receive prospect calls from their Activity Stream.

Step 1: Go to a prospect’s profile page and click on the + Call button on the top right of the page. Make sure that your profile and your prospect’s profile are updated so both of your contact numbers appear in the pop-up window.

Step 2: Once everything is set up, press the Call Prospect button to connect your phone to the hyCRM system. You will receive a call from the CRM, which is how your phone will be connected to the system. Once you pick up that phone call and are connected, the CRM system will then call the prospect.

Step 3: Your call will be recorded and saved to the prospect’s Activity Stream. When the call is over, you can view how long it lasted under the Activity Stream entry and listen to it again by clicking on the link “Play Call.”

Step 4: If a prospect calls a leasing agent but they are either not in the office or unavailable to answer the call, it will not be recorded in the hyCRM system. However, there is a way for you to note any received calls from prospects under hyCRM. Click on the tab labeled “Received Call” under the + Call button, you’ll find an area where you can write a note.

Once you have written a note detailing the prospect’s call, click on the Save button. The note will be posted to the prospect’s Activity Stream, noting that they made a call.

That covers our tutorial on how to you can make calls using the hyCRM system.