How To: Create a Canned Email

In our How to Send or Schedule an Email tutorial, we briefly talked about how leasing agents could send canned responses to a prospect. For this tutorial, we will go over what a canned response / email is, and how you can create canned responses to use under the hyCRM.

Canned emails, also called pre-drafted emails, follow a template you can repeatedly use when you send emails out to your various prospects. These messages can range from welcoming new prospects, responding to frequently asked questions, or showcase various property elements to entice tour scheduling.

Step 1: On your hyCRM page, click on the dropdown field currently labeled Prospects in the top menu. Hovering over the “Settings” option displays the following items under its section: Canned Emails and Automation.

Clicking on “Settings” will automatically redirect you to the Canned Emails page.

Step 2: Your Canned Emails page will display the most recently edited email in the middle of the page. Additional canned emails will be organized under a sidebar on the left side of the page.

To create a new canned response, click the + Canned Email button on the top right of the page. A blank Canned Email form will then show up, allowing you to create whatever new canned email that you would like to send out to your prospects.

Step 3: Click on the “Category” dropdown and select what group your new canned email will belong to.

If you don’t see a category that you want to organize your canned email under, click on the “Manage Categories” option. A small pop-up window will appear and you can add as many additional categories to organize your responses under.

Step 4: Canned emails just don’t have to be a plain text message. If you want to add an image, click on the option labeled “Image Library.”

A new window will take you to your Media page under the hyMail app. Either upload your desired image, or find the image that you are looking for in your library. Hover over the image and click “Copy URL.”

Back on the Canned Email page, click on the “Insert Image” icon; it is the right-most icon under the “Message” text field. Select the “Link” option and simply paste the image’s URL in the field, then click on the Insert button.

Step 5: Type in the message that your new canned email is going to be about.

Step 6: While creating canned emails, you can also add a signature to your emails by clicking on the option “Manage Signature.”

Another new site window will take you to your Profile page. Under the “Password Confirm” fields will be a text area labeled “Signature” where you can create or make any changes to your signature. Click the Update button once you are done.

Step 7: Once you are satisfied with how your canned email looks, click on the Create button and you are done.

Congratulations! You can now create as many canned emails for your property as you would like.