How To Close Out A Tour

In this tutorial, you will learn how to close out a prospect’s tour using the hyTours Calendar. This will cover closing out tours that prospects scheduled and attended, and tours that scheduled prospect did not attend.

When an agent clicks on a scheduled prospect’s name under a property’s hyTours calendar, they will bring up their prospect information form. Besides containing information about the prospect and their scheduled tour, there is a section that should be accessed after the prospect’s tour labeled Feedback.

First, the agent will select whether or not a prospect visited the property for a tour.

Yes, the prospect had their tour

If they select the option Yes, two additional questions will appear. The first question being how likely is the prospect to sign a lease, and the second question about if the prospect has agreed to receive property updates and promotional offers via email.

No, the prospect did not have their tour

If they select the option No, a different question section will appear with four options as to why the prospect did not show up:

  • The prospect rescheduled their tour.
  • The prospect has already signed a lease.
  • The agent does not know what could have occurred since the prospect neither cancelled or rescheduled their tour.
  • Other reasons not specified.

Once either of the forms are filled out, click the Send Feedback button. That is how you close out prospect tours.