How To: Add a Note or Document & Schedule a Tour

In our Overview of a Prospect’s Activity Stream, we briefly went over how a leasing agent could do a variety of actions for a prospect under their hyCRM profile without having to jump between apps.

For this tutorial, we will go over how an agent can do the following under a prospect’s Activity Stream: schedule a tour, add a note, or add a document.

Under your property’s hyCRM Pipeline, click on the prospect’s tile to be redirected to their Activity Stream. Once there, click on the ••• button at the top right, and a drop down menu will display the tabs for + Note, + Tour, and + Document.

How To Add a Note

Step 1: To add a note about the prospect, (Example: if they have any pets, have a preferable floor plan they want to tour, etc.) select the + Note tab. (it will be the first option under the ••• button)

Step 2: A pop-up window with a text field will appear, allowing you to jot down any information about the prospect. Click the + Add Note button, and it’ll appear under your prospect’s Activity Stream.

How To Schedule a Prospect’s Tour

Step 1: Let’s say that after you have made a call to a prospect, they are interested in touring your property. Open the ••• button and select the + Tour tab. (it is the middle option when the drop down menu opens)

Step 2: After you select + Tour, a window will display a Calendar and an area with time options. Select the date and time for your prospect to tour and click on the Schedule button.

The newly-scheduled tour will be posted to their Activity Stream, and your prospect’s status will change to “Scheduled.”

How To Add a Document

Step 1: If you want to add a document to a prospect’s profile, such as a rental quote, click on the + Document tab. (the last option under the ••• button’s drop down menu)

Step 2: A pop-up window that is also an up-loading area will appear on the screen once the option is selected. You can either drag and drop the file from your computer into the upload area, or manually import the file from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Step 3: Click the Upload button once you are done uploading your file(s), and a timeline notification will appear under your prospect’s Activity Stream with the attached document(s).

That covers how you can add notes or documents and schedule a tour for a prospect while under the hyCRM app.