Top Email Marketing Optimization Hacks for Your Business

This week’s post is written by Alex Slichnyi, community manager at Slichnyi is a savvy SEO specialist and an avid learner of all things IT.

There are diverse choices for B2B and B2C advertisers to choose from when deliberating on the type of marketing channels to use to reach their customers. But email is still the most effective means of advertisement that business owners can use to enhance their brand awareness. Email is such a cost-effective alternative as it enables you to connect with your potential customer in the one place they always check – their mailbox, without breaking the bank.

However, merely spamming your customers with emails from time to time, especially poorly constructed emails, can be detrimental to your brand’s image. Most people receive dozens of emails every day from different companies, and maybe even your competitors. If your email looks unappealing, the chances are that it would be deleted pronto, or worse, marked as spam. Recent statistics have shown that about 69% of email recipients report they received emails as spam just from the content of the subject line.

Here is a list of some essential hacks you should have at the back of your mind when setting up your email campaign.

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Subject Line

According to statistics, 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line. Therefore, you should keep your subject line less than 50 characters. Also, do not include words like “miss” or “deals” in your subject line. They reduce open rates by 4.8%.

Preheader Text

Using an email preheader can increase open rates by more than 30%. You should avoid leaving empty or repeating your subject line. Stick to a short headline.

Sender Name

To about 64% of subscribers, knowing who is sending the email determines whether they’ll open the mail or not. Ensure your “From” name is similar to your “From” email address. Also, a no-reply address is known to decrease response rates by a significant amount.


The advantages of segmentation are that it increases open rates, leads, revenue, transactions, and deliverability. So, do not send the same emails to all your customers, instead create a segmentation list based on date, interest, and subscriber activity.


Personalized email marketing can increase ROI by more than 122%. Make sure whatever information you put in the mail is accurate. Inaccurate information reduces open rates.

Mobile Responsive

In 2016, 56% of emails were opened on mobile phones, while those opened on desktops were 19%. You should ensure that your emails render well on mobile devices. Make sure you optimize the size of your images to provide a faster download for mobile users.

Usually, there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy for all businesses; however, if you can incorporate these points into your next email campaign, you can be sure of increased open rates and a higher chance of conversion.

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