Instagram Do’s and Don’ts for Multifamily

Instagram Do’s and Don’ts for Multifamily

Instagram has been great for keeping up-to-date with friends and your favorite celebrities (we are talking to you @shawnmendes), but it is rapidly evolving into a marketing platform for your property. Instagram makes it easy to stay top-of-mind, showcase your brand and opens a direct line of communication between you and your target audience.

Lately, we have noticed a few Instagram faux pas that could be turning your followers off. We have reviewed 100’s of property management company profiles to bring you a list of the top 10 Do’s and Don’ts on Instagram.


Instagram Don’ts

1. Ignore sizing recommendations

Ignore Size Recommendations

Instagram is a visual platform, so it is vital that you follow the sizing recommendations, or else your posts will appear grainy and/or won’t fit in the frame properly like the image above. We recommend using 1080×1080 pixels for regular posts and 1080×1920 pixels for stories.


2. Poor subject choices

Poor Subject Choices

We love chili as much as the next guy, but sadly it is not a very aesthetically pleasing food, especially served in a Styrofoam bowl. When making your decisions on what to post, it is important to consider how it will look.

Instead of posting a picture of the chili itself, you could opt for a picture featuring your staff holding the bowl (think: girl holding a coffee cup). Another alternative could be to post a picture of the buffet table with the crock pot lid on and mentioning the chili in the comment. This way, you can get the point across without turning people off. Take a few minutes to brainstorm a few variations to ensure you are getting the best version of the post.


3. Not centering your photos

Post Pictures that are Not Centered

Centering images when creating an Instagram post is easy. Once you chose your photo, you can drag the image around within the editor box to center it. Without taking the time to properly align you images, your post can lose a lot of its meaning. Take the time to review and adjust your images before posting.


4. Using unlicensed pictures

Using unlicensed pictures

For starters, using an image you have not properly license is illegal (so you probably shouldn’t be doing it). We admit, it sometimes can be difficult to know if you can use an image or not. However, if it has a watermark, it’s safe to say you shouldn’t be using it… and trying to blur it out only makes it worse. Instead, try sticking to sites that offer free commons photos like unsplash or flickr.

Canva is also a great option, but keep in mind only the images labeled ‘free’ are free. Any image labeled Canva Pro requires you to purchase a Canva Pro subscription or else you will end up with a post like the one above.


5. Bad lighting / Over-filtering

Using phots with bad lighting

Bad lighting and over-filtering often go hand in hand. Bad lighting can ruin even the best image ideas. Taking pictures of Christmas lights around your property is a great idea, but it requires a high-quality camera to execute it properly… which is a luxury most of us don’t have.

Many people try to add filters to counteract poor lighting. While this sometimes works, it often results in an over-filtered like the image on the right. It may be heartbreaking, but sometimes it is better to not to post it. If there isn’t great lighting, try using the flash, going outside (if it’s daytime) or turning more lights on.


Instagram Do’s

1. Promote your events

Showcase events

Instagram is an easy way to remind residents about your community events. Also, it gives your prospects a better feel for what life is like at your property.


2. Show off your staff

Show off your staff

Your on-site staff is responsible for keeping resident happy. Instagram is a great place to introduce your staff to the residents. Plus, it puts a friendly face to your property.


3. Shout out your residents

Shout out your residents

One of the easiest ways to engage with your residents is to post about them. They are more likely to follow and interact with your property’s account if they are featured on it. Plus, it can show your prospects how happy your residents are living there.


4. Showcase your property

Showcase your property

Instagram is an excellent way to show off your property to new prospects. Showcase your most unique features that make your property special, like a swing in the living room.


5. Have fun with it!

Have fun with it

The most important thing to remember when using Instagram is to have fun! This is a social platform first and foremost. It is designed to give companies a space to express themselves and close the gap between the business and the customer.


Bonus Tip: Use Video & Instagram Stories

Instagram is a highly visual platform, but is scrolled through quickly. Adding videos and Instagram Stories are a great way to get your customers to slow down and focus on your content.

There you have it! The Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram for Multifamily!