hyTours Product Announcement: Amenity Reservations

hyTours: Now with Amenity Reservations

Hyly.AI has been busy customizing hyTours to better adapt to COVID and to create features that remain relevant long after COVID.

Our latest addition to hyTours is Amenity Reservations.

hyTours: Feature Summary

With this new feature:

  • Residents can reserve amenities
  • Agents can manage the amenities scheduler
  • Admins can set-up the amenities scheduler

Amenity Reservations: Benefits

Socialize Safely

Again, with the presence of COVID the safety of your community is a top priority. Amenity Reservations allow residents to reserve amenities for themselves and several guests (property dependent). This maintains social distance and allows residents to socialize safely.

Interactive Community

Looking beyond COVID, amenity reservations make it easy for residents to interact. Having an area for residents to reserve amenities encourages them to engage with the community and make full use of the property. This can lead to greater resident engagement and better resident retention.

To learn more about the resident view, check out our article: How To Reserve an Amenity.

Agent Capabilities

Agents can manage several amenity settings, including:

  • Amenities offered by the property
  • Recurring Slots
  • Holidays & Exceptions

Property Amenities

Your property amenities are just that: the amenities your property offers. Agents are able to edit these amenities.

Recurring Slots

Recurring slots allow you to manage fields such as:

  • The date the amenity is available
  • The max number of guests
  • The times the amenity may be reserved

Holidays & Exceptions

Finally, agents can add holidays and exceptions. Doing so will prevent residents from booking amenities on these dates and times.

To learn more about agent capabilities, read our article onHow To Change Amenity Slots & Reservations.

Admin Capabilities

Just as with agents, admins have unique capabilities when setting up the amenities scheduler.

Admins can:

  • Create, edit, and delete amenities
  • Include a guest limit field on the scheduler
  • Create fields for the resident to complete when reserving

Creating, Editing, and Deleting Amenities

With a simple click, Admins can create any amenities for your property.

Admins can also easily edit, reorder, and delete these amenities.

Amenity Scheduler Fields

Admins can add several fields, including guest limits to the scheduler for each amenity.

Learn More

To learn more about Amenity Reservations and how they can benefit your multifamily community, give us a call: 516-HYLY-INC. Or send us your questions.

Stay Tuned for New Innovations!