5 Reasons You Need hySurvey


If you’re familiar with property management, then you probably know what a market survey is. You also know they can be tedious and time-consuming to complete. This is where hySurvey comes in. hySurvey:

  • Is made for agents (and regionals)
  • Automates for you
  • Makes reporting easy
  • Makes sharing easy
  • Stores your data

Market Survey Overview

For those still wondering, a market survey is a weekly compiling of property information such as:

  • Move-Ins
  • Move-Outs
  • # of Tours
  • # of Cancels

The data market surveys provide helps illustrate your property’s performance and how it compares to your competitors (comps). However, these reports can be tedious to complete and tough to share with your comps. In some cases, they require archaic technology known as a fax machine.

What is hySurvey?

hySurvey is Hy.ly’s market survey tool.

Each week, you’ll receive an email indicating your survey is ready and waiting–‘My Property Status’. After completing the fields, your data is saved and you can share your information with your comp groups–‘Comps’ Status’.

With that, here are 5 reasons you need hySurvey!

5 Reasons You Need hySurvey

1. hySurvey is for Agents (& Regionals)

Whether you’re an agent or regional, hySurvey is made for you. Agents and regionals can:

  • Complete surveys
  • View previous surveys
  • View their competitors’ data
  • Review data on their property/ies
  • Send reports

Simply sign in (or sign up if you’re a first-time Hy.ly user) and start the process.

*Get step-by-step instructions by reading our hySurvey How To’s

2. hySurvey Automates for You

With so much going on these days, it’s tough to keep your schedule straight. Because of this, hySurvey sends notifications, reminders, and updates right to your inbox.


Each week, agents receive a notification email indicating the weekly survey is now open and ready to be completed.


If Monday proves too busy, hySurvey sends a reminder on Tuesday letting agents know the survey will close soon. The email also includes a CTA which redirects to the survey.


Whether you’re waiting to hear back from a comp or you have been invited by a comp to join their group, there’s an email for that. hySurvey ensures agents are always up to date on anything related to their property and its surveys.

3. hySurvey Makes Reporting Easy

Here’s the typical market survey process for agents Monday morning:

  • Monday morning you find all your numbers from the previous week
  • Open up a spreadsheet
  • Enter in all the data
  • Email it over to your regional manager (or, dare I say, fax it…)
  • Chase your comps down
  • Collect and organize their data

With hySurvey here’s an agent’s typical Monday:

  • Complete your survey

Once you complete your survey that information is easily shared and stored.

In other words, agents and regionals get their Mondays back. We store your survey data and provide clear reporting on it. We also chase comps, retrieve their data, and assemble it into a clean CSV format that’s always accessible. Instead of 3-4 hours, this process takes 5 minutes.

4. hySurvey Makes Sharing Easy

You know the saying, ‘sharing is caring.’ Well, we care about making it easy to share. After agents complete their survey they will have an option to share their survey with their comps.

Agents will also be able to see their comps’ surveys for that week, and previous weeks, so long as agents and comps both complete their surveys.

It’s truly as simple as clicking a button.

5. hySurvey Stores Your Data

Data is crucial to enhance property performance. After agents complete their surveys, it helps to see an overview of those numbers. hySurvey provides an overview and much more:

Easily review:

  • Tours
  • Leases
  • Cancels
  • Denials

Notice too, agents can filter across properties and desired date-range:

These reports keep property managers and regionals updated on their performance and help inform Business Intelligence.

Learn More

hySurvey keeps the user at the center. Learn how you can take advantage of this FREE property survey tool!

  • Call: 516-HYLY-INC
  • Submit a Ticket: https://support.hy.ly/portal/en/newticket
  • Email: sales@hy.ly

Stay tuned for new innovations!