Overview of the Most Recent Email Report

In this overview, we will go over what data you can view under the hyMail app’s Most Recent Email Report section.

Unlike the Sent Email Report and Scheduled Email Report, your Most Recent Email Report will display all of your properties in a table, along with the name of their most recently sent email campaign.

Information on this report will be divided into the following categories:

  • Sub-org Name
  • Property Status
  • Last Email Sent
  • Number of Days Since Last Send
  • Campaign Name
  • Subject
  • Number of Recipients
  • Next Scheduled Deployment Date
  • Next Scheduled Campaign Name
  • Next Scheduled Subject

If you want to narrow the information that is displayed on table, use the search field under the table header. For example, if you want to see the information for only one of your sub-orgs, type its name under the Sub-org Name field.

That covers what you can see on your Most Recent Email Report.