How To: Send Your First Email

Quick Steps

  1. Hover over a template under My Templates and click on + New Email. Type in the email’s name under Name Campaign, then click Create Campaign.
  2. Replace the Title and Featured Image fields under the Splash slice.
  3. Replace the Title, Full Body, and Call To Action fields under the Body slice.
  4. Fill out the Email Header, send out a test email, and make sure the email is going to the correct email groups.
  5. Select your email to Deliver at the following time and click Schedule.

Tutorial Guide

In this tutorial, we are going to go over how you can create an Email eBlast invitation that can be easily sent out to your residents.

Step 1:

Under your My Templates page, hover over an event invitation template and click the + New Email button.

This will take you to the Email Creation page, where you will have to name your campaign. Type in the name that you want to give your invitation in the 2. Name Campaign area, and click the Create Campaign button.

Step 2:

Now that you are in the Email Editor, click on the “Splash” email slice. You will edit its sections, Title and Featured Image Large.

  • Title Section: Type in your email’s title in this field. It is best to select the HTML icon when editing text to avoid any unwanted HTML tags. Refer to our tutorial on How To Edit an Email’s Text for more details.
  • Featured Image Large: Click the Replace button to the right of the thumbnail. Next, click the Browse Files button, select your image, then click the Start upload button. Make sure the image fits the specified size dimensions.

Quick Note: Make sure to click the Save Changes button frequently as you are replacing the email’s content.

Step 3:

Click on the “Body” email slice, and edit the sections Title, Full Body, and Call To Action Button to your liking. Now that your email has been designed, it is time to get it ready to be send out.

Step 4:

Refer to the linked tutorials on how to set up the following elements on your email campaign:

Step 5:

After all of the above has been set up, click on the 5. Schedule link. There are three options that you can choose on this page for when you want to send out your email campaign. For this tutorial, we are going to select the first option, ”Deliver at the following time” to schedule this email.

Quick Note: You may need refresh your page for the subject line to update to what you have previously inputed. Make sure your email is saved and updated before you hit refresh to ensure you do not lose any information.

All you have to do is specify your date and time in their respective fields, click the Schedule button, and you are done. Congratulations, you have just created and scheduled your first email!