Get eBook Leads in 10mins/day: Promoting Your Campaign Recap

This phase covered the steps to take when marketing your campaign. This includes best practices for hosting your campaign, networking with internal and external networks, and mastering the viral loop.

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#15: Host your Campaign on Multiple Channels

  • Host on Social Platforms
  • Host on Mobile
  • Host on Web, Micro, and Widgets

#16: Create an Infographic

  • Study other infographics
  • Make the infographic easy to readCreate the actual infographic

#17: Tapping into your Internal Channel of Connections

  • Locate influencers in your network and give exclusives
  • Find publishers who would be interested in your eBook
  • After the exclusive, continue sharing with your network
  • Thank everyone who helped you out

#18: Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

  • Use a targeted PPC Campaign
  • Compare ROI with different advertisers

#19: Encouraging Viral Sharing

  • Ask downloaders to share on their networks
  • Share on your Facebook wall, and keep posts short
  • Encourage followers to share your infographic
  • Drive traffic using Pinterest

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