Hy.ly TGIF- Naming Our Color Schemes

Whew! Need a break from all these eBook posts? Here’s a little bit about what we’ve been up to lately.

You may have noticed we change our website last month. It’s all to make way for our new and improved Hy.ly Conversion Engine, a new platform we’re developing that will enable users to create a portfolio of campaigns from start to finish (but more on that later).

When we were building the platform, we started out with 5 possible color schemes users can choose from when creating their campaigns.

When it came time to consider what to nickname them, we considered a number of possibilities.

Rejected ideas

  • Using county flags (except most of the color schemes had a lot of red, blue and gray)
  • Using Google Goggles to take pictures of the color schemes and suggest related images (which yielded some wacky results)
  • Using Daylily names (there are literally thousands, but quickly decided that names like “A Tick Kissing A Moose On A Wednesday” and “Pinch Me I’m Dreaming” would’t make good color scheme names at all)

Faygo to the rescue

Finally, we decided to draw from one of our team member’s hometown roots and name our color schemes after Faygo names. For those who aren’t from Michigan, Faygo is a brand of soft drink found almost only in the state of Michigan. They make dozens of types of sodas of all different colors, and the names are descriptive and fun.

Sometimes, it helps to look to your hometown roots for inspiration!