Get eBook Leads in 10mins/day: #19 Encouraging Viral Sharing

We’re walking through a step-by-step tutorial on how to write, publish and market an eBook campaign to generate leads. We’re currently in Phase #4: Promoting your Campaign. Today we are on Step #19: Encouraging Viral Sharing.

Ask downloaders to share on their networks

Congrats! Some way or another (organic vs. PPC) you’ve won the first click and your potential lead has downloaded your eBook. How should you encourage people to go on to spread the word about your eBook?

Encouraging your users to share with their own networks is a great way to incorporate virality into your marketing plan. Word of mouth is a powerful tool that your eBook campaign will definitely want to employ; as Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer explains, word of mouth paired with viral outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. are excellent for gaining lead generation.

Share on your Facebook wall, and keep posts short

As Amie Marse from states, the size of your posts are critical in maintaining the viral potential of your content.

Just like a Twitter post, character count is essential. Virtue, a major corporate social media company, considers 240 characters per post the highest limit for “meaningful post size.”[...] Engagement rates start from their highest point at 0 characters and scale down sharply as more characters are added. These findings suggest that you’re more likely to attract likes, comments, and fans to your Facebook posts if you keep it incredibly short and easy to visually digest in a split-second.

Encourage followers to share your infographic

Use pre-filled share buttons to make one-click sharing a snap. For example, TechValidate users can re-tweet images of the infographic easily by clicking a pre-filled share button. The text is automatically filled in their Tweet, email or post and voila! The image is shared.

Here is what happens when you hit the share bar under TechValidate’s infographic page. When you like the page, you are prompted to share the infographic link as your status.

When you hit the “Tweet” button, a prefilled share Tweet pops up and all you have to do is simply click once!

Drive traffic using Pinterest

Upload your infographic on Pinterest. Make sure that you include a bit of text below the infographic for those who want more information about your eBook. Summarizing the information on the infographic is also great and allows people who do not want to scan the entire graphic to get your main points. Be sure you allow users to Repin, Like, and Comment your post!

According to Search Engine Watch, Pinterest can drive more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, and YouTube. Pin your infographic that highlights especially juicy points from your eBook to bait new leads to your eBook. When you upload a pin hosted on your website, any user who clicks on the pin will also be directed to that page.

Be sure to include a hashtag in your Pin as well. Pinterest uses hashtags to allow users to find other Pins with the same hashtag, so anyone searching for “ebook” will find your pin when you include #eBook in your Pin description.

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