Get eBook Leads in 10mins/day: Creating Your Campaign Recap

This phase covered the steps to take when creating your campaign. This includes best practices for designing all the elements of your landing page, making your page more social, and capturing leads who are not ready to convert right away.

#11 Make The Value Proposition Clear

  • Describe why your eBook/White Paper will improve the lives of your reader
  • Have a list of testimonials
  • If your eBook has been cited by a prominent company or figure, let your readers know
  • Sell benefits, not features
  • Get creative. Think of unique benefits

#12 Include a “Safety Net” for Those Not Ready To Convert

  • Having a share bar allows hesitant converts to share your landing page
  • Make it easy for users to bookmark your landing page
  • Allow users to sign up for your newsletter
  • Place the “Safety Net” CTA on the bottom of the page

#13 Use 3-5 Form Fields and Make your CTA Button Stand Out

  • Use 3-5 fields
  • Use the information you gain to segment your audience
  • Your call to action button should be large, prominent and in a bold color
  • Whatever you decide on, avoid using the word “submit” on your Submit bar

#14 Include a Share Bar on the Post-Submission Page

  • Include multiple share options
  • Pre-fill share buttons with text to make one-click sharing easy and convenient

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Image via JSCreationZS