Get eBook Leads in 10mins/day: #11 The Value Proposition

We’re walking through a step-by-step tutorial on how to write, publish and market an eBook campaign to generate leads. We’re currently in Phase #3: Creating Your Campaign. Today we are on Step #11: Make the Value Proposition Clear.

Explicitly sell the value of the conversion to your audience. It should be clear why your eBook is worth signing up for. Does your eBook solve a problem? Explain something unclear?

Let’s look into this handy equation that Marketing Experiments has crafted.

Where C = Conversion, the other sequence elements refer to:

  • m – the match between the offer and visitor Motivation.
  • v – the clarity of the Value Proposition.
  • i – Incentives used to counter Friction.
  • f – the level of Friction in the sales process.
  • a – Anxiety caused by the process.

According to their equation, having a clear value proposition is second in importance only to ensuring a match between the offer and the visitor’s motivation. So basically, your value proposition is pretty important.

Describe what the reader will learn

Here is an awesome of a good list of benefits by Spiraling Up Book. The list is clear cut, bulleted, and easy to read. The title, “Here’s what you’ll learn”, creates motivation to entice readers to download the ebook.

Use testimonials to show that other value your content

Ask a figure of authority or even someone appearing as an average joe to say a few words about your eBook. According to Conversion XL, adding testimonials to your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 34%.

For our first eBook, we had Shonali Burke and Elizabeth Stewart say a few kind words to help our readers feel more comfortable.

Another good example comes from Colin Klinkert’s Facebook eBook page. An image of Mike, a description of his company, and a heartfelt positive review of his content create a sense of trust in the visitor.

Sell benefits, not features

According to Chris Brogan, benefits sell better than features. Features tell you what information the eBook contains; benefits tell you how the product can directly improve your life. When discussing your eBook, frame the information you’re providing in terms of how it will benefit your visitors.

When listing benefits, use bullet points. Unionen tested mentioning benefits in a bullet point list verses describing them in a paragraph of text. Bullet points resulted in a 15.9% improvement in conversions.

This is the list of benefits we included on our landing page for our last eBook on the Facebook timeline. Note our emphasis on benefits: generate new leads, increase conversions, boost ROI, etc.

The list on this landing page by Ripe Social provides the topics discussed in their ebook, but could be strengthened by mentioning the benefits of learning about each topic.

Create value with original data

What can only you and your eBook/White Paper offer? If you draw on original, first hand data from your own experiences, mention it, and offer some teaser statistics to generate interest. Include these unique benefits in your list to differentiate yourself from the competition.

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