Get eBook Leads in 10mins/day: #7 Do Your Homework

We’re walking through a step-by-step tutorial on how to write, publish and market an eBook campaign to generate leads. We’re currently in Phase #2: Producing your eBook. Today we are on Step #7: Do Your Homework.

Start conducting your research

If you want your eBook to be hard to put down, make sure that you do your research. Brian Clark of remarks:

Contrary to what you might think, it doesn’t matter if the solution to a problem can be found by even simple online research. “Normal” people don’t like to do in-depth research online and are often skeptical of free information sources. Do the work for them and demonstrate that you are a credible person (or partner on the ebook with someone who has the necessary credentials), and as long as the problem is real, you’ll make sales.

Conducting research to support your own experiences can really make your eBook stand out. Strengthen your content by citing reputable case studies where appropriate.

Find eye-opening statistics

Statistics and hard data are important in substantiating your claims. Numbers are great at boosting your readers confidence in your material. Find some good and reliable statistics that can help you relay your message.

Look for captivating images

Since eBooks tend to be more image-centric that other types of B2B content, such as white papers, include lots of images that demonstrate your points. Each page should have at least one image or graphic. While researching, if you happen to see any smart or effective visuals, be sure to save it for your eBook! Images are extremely critical in maintaining your reader’s attention so be sure to have a plethora of images stockpiled!

Draw from your own company data and experience

Filter through the data your own company has collected and decide if there is anything you can use to support your ideas. Draw from your own experience and offer recommendations based on what you’ve seen. Offering these types of tips can help you establish yourself as a resource where your audience can ask questions and receive answers. Offer examples of what you’ve learned and provide tips and best practices.

Cite your sources

Citations are not just for high school English papers!

Learn how to properly cite information or use an automated website like EasyBib to do it for you. EasyBib allows you to merely copy and paste the website/source you are working and automatically generates a citation that is copy/paste-able! Don’t forget to look over the citation before publishing it.

Another option is to internally cite your sources as you go (as we have done in our eBooks!). Doing so makes incorporating your sources more conversational.

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