Get eBook Leads in 10mins/day: #5 Create an Outline

We’re walking through a step-by-step tutorial on how to write, publish and market an eBook campaign to generate leads. We’re currently in Phase #2: Writing your eBook. Today we are on Step #6: Consider Hiring a Consultant.

Identify the main points your eBook

Now that you have a solid topic to write about, identify the main points or categories that you want to cover within that topic. Organizing your research in a neat and easy to read format will save you loads of time and frustration so plan ahead now before you start writing.

Remember: eBooks are usually brief, so carefully select the most important points to be discussed in your production.

Organize points into chapters

Plan step-by-step how you want your reader to go through the flow of your eBook. Take on the perspective of a reader who knows nothing about your topic and walk them through the through the intricacies of your chosen topic.

Format chapters into headers and subheaders

Brian Clark of Copyblogger explains a bit more how the header/subheader elements can be used to make your eBook more structured:

Your headline is the most important group of words in your post, so spend plenty of time crafting one that will get your post the attention you’re looking for. Put that at the center of your mind map.

Your subheads can branch out from there. Subheads form the backbone of your content: get these right, and everything else will flow.

Your subheads should be informative enough that someone scanning your post will understand the gist of it.

They should be intriguing enough that your scanner is left wanting to dig deeper and learn more.

With that in mind, brainstorm some catchy headlines to get the attention of your readers.

Outline your research strategy

Your eBook should be peppered with facts and statistics that back up your points. Preparing in advance where you will find this information necessary to make your eBook credible will save you time when you’re in the writing stage. 

Do a search online for an industry specific journal association or reputable online database to do some good old research on your topic.  Or kick it old school and head down to a local library or find an established academic library at any university campus. Plan ahead of time where you will find your information.

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