Get eBook Leads in 10mins/day: Researching Your Topic Recap

Want to learn how to write an eBook for B2B lead generation in only 10 minutes a day? We’re here to show you how in our easy step-by-step series. Here’s a summary of the steps to take when researching your topic.

From identifying your expertise to deciding on your topic and title, we’ve covered all the steps to take when researching your next B2B lead generating eBook campaign.

#1: Determine Your Expertise

  • Review your products/services
  • Make a list of your company’s goals
  • Examine your own company’s unique analytics and findings
  • Consider investing in starting your own campaign to generate unique findings

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#2: Determine Your Audience

  • Review what your prospects do
  • Understand your prospects’ pain points
  • Openly ask your Prospects what they want
  • Check new trends in your field

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#3: Know What’s Out There

  • Make a list of your Top 3 Competitors
  • Learn from your competitors’ mistakes
  • Decide what you’ll do differently

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#4: Decide Your Topic

  • Review your research and create 3 possible eBook topics
  • Ask yourself, “Is anyone going to read this?”
  • Select the best topic and decide on a title

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