Facebook's Promoted Posts Are Not Causing Fans To Miss Your Posts

Ever since Facebook introduced the Promoted Posts feature, brands have expressed concern that their posts aren’t showing in in their fans’ newsfeeds. Some believe this is a way for Facebook to make brands pay for what was formally free.


You may have seen this alarming warning circulating on Facebook:









As Facebook continues to make changes and unveil new features, brands seem increasingly distrustful and confused. Some chatter we’ve observed in response to the above message include comments like these:

I’ve been watching a number of my pages traffic and engagement drop significantly over this issue. Now have to work really really hard to get it back up without paying a small fortune.

What happened to ‘facebook will always be free’?

So is Facebook trying to make money off page owners by making them pay for fans to see their posts?

Despite these scary warnings, don’t fret. According to Facebook, nothings has changed regarding the frequency at which posts appear in fans’ news feeds. They write, “By promoting a post, you’re increasing its potential reach so an even larger percentage of your Page audience and the friends of those interacting with your post will see it.”

The thing a lot of brands misunderstand is that there was never a point when all 100% of fans saw all your posts in their feeds. EdgeRank, Facebook’s algorithm, determines who sees your posts based on a number of factors including:

  • Time decay – The more recent the post, the higher EdgeRank values it
  • How often a fan interacts with (likes, comments, shares) your posts
  • How often you interact with your fans

In other words, promoting a post is just a way to get more traffic than you would organically. Sort of like Facebook PPC advertising. And if you’re wondering whether promoted posts or Facebook PPC ads will net you more traffic for your buck, a recent test by HasOffers.com determined that Facebook PPC is cheaper and more effective that using promoted posts. They reported that promoted posts cost about 4.7x more per click Facebook PPC. Promoted posts are better used for boosting engagement and reminding fans you still exists. We recommend using it strategically, such as when you release a new product and want to make sure your fans know about it.

Image via http://www.pixelrobot.com/blog/?p=181