Facebook Unveils New Scheduled Post Feature

Facebook continues to make minor tweaks to the layout and functionality of the Timeline, and today a new feature has been announced that will change the way you post to Facebook.

Now, page administrators can plan their Facebook posts in advance by clicking on the clock icon in the status updater and selecting the time and day they want their post to appear. You can choose dates up to six months in the future and times in 15-minute intervals.






For years, page admins had to use third-party apps like HootSuite to schedule their posts in advance. But according to HubSpot, “content published through third-party API tools suffered 60% fewer clicks than content published manually via Facebook.com”.

This feature is especially useful for businesses with a weekly social media schedule and businesses who need to post at inconvenient times. No matter what your business’s posting schedule is like, you can benefit from scheduling your posts in accordance with your audience’s engagement patterns. According to BuddyMedia, in general:

  • The best days to post are Thursday and Friday (18% more engagement)
  • The best time to post is outside of business hours (20% higher engagement rates)

But keep in mind that your engagement rates vary by industry, so be sure to monitor your analytics to determine the best times and days of the week that work for you.