Grow Your Audience With A Social Reader App

Social readers can help your articles go viral using Facebook’s Open Graph. Here’s how you can leverage your content to promote your brand with a social reader app.

Social readers are Facebook Timeline apps built in Open Graph that allow visitors reading your articles share what they’ve read on their Facebook pages. Instead of having to rely on visitors to manually share your content by copying the URL to your article, going to their Facebook page, pasting the URL into a status update and sharing it, social reader apps simplify the process by posting on the reader’s behalf automatically. Here’s how it works:

1. Introduce the social reader

This is our Social Reader (Get it? We’re “highly” social!) Including a “What’s this?” option offers the user a transparent explanation of how the app works.




2. Get permissions from the reader

In the next step, the reader is prompted to accept a set of one-time permissions. These permissions allow the app to access certain pieces of information about the user that you define. Frictionless sharing allows the app to  post on behalf of the user without having to request permission every time.







3. Start frictionless sharing

You can choose which activities to track, such as reading an article. The user can control when to turn the social reader ON and OFF, and can choose which articles to display on (or delete from) their Timeline.

4. Display activity on the reader’s wall

The user’s activities can show up in multiple places on their Timeline, such as in an aggregation box, as a Timeline post, and in the activity feed.









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