Facebook Timeline: 6 Ways To Craft A Killer Timeline

Facebook will automatically update all pages to the new Timeline on March 30th, 2012. The Timeline’s new layout will revolutionize the way your fans, visitors and potential customers engage with your page. Share your company’s story by walking your visitors through the chronology of your brand’s history. Here are some ideas for optimizing the Timeline’s new layout to create an engaging page for your business:

Pin important posts to the top of your timeline

Your old Facebook wall will be replaced with the more customizable Timeline. Now you’ll have greater control over the order of your posts, and how much space to allocate to each one. You can pin a post to the top left side of your timeline for up to 7 days using the pencil icon. Your pinned posts will be prominently displayed the top left of your Timeline where visitors can easily see it. Pin posts which include links to places you want your users to engage with the most, such as to your business’s website or to a particular app.

Control how you organize your posts

You can now reorder your posts, milestones, photos, and other Timeline content however you wish to. Use the star icon to highlight a post and expand it across both columns of your Timeline. This assigns more weight to a particular story and draws the reader’s eye towards the context you want them to focus on the most. You can also hide or delete stories from your Timeline using the pencil icon.

Use a variety of post types in your timeline

Pepper your Timeline with a blend of images, videos, text and polls in your Timeline. Images are especially valuable to your Timeline: according to Facebook’s own internal studies, posts that include a photo can generate twice as much engagement as compared with other post types.



Engage your users

When your page is upgraded to the new Timeline, you will gain the ability to message fans directly. In addition to replying to your Timeline posts, your fans will be able to send you private messages, which you can respond to via the admin panel. You can also use page insights to discover when visitors are most responsive to your posts. For example, if you see that most visitors engage with your page at 9pm, you may wish to schedule certain posts around that time so that it will get the most attention.

Use milestones to note your company’s accomplishments

Milestones are a new type of post that allows you to mark key points in your company or product’s history. Tell your company’s story by noting important events, awards and recognitions, such as the launch of a new branch or product. Your first milestone should be the “birth” of your business, and you can include a photo of your first office or product prototype.

Play videos at full size

Clicking on the star icon after sharing a video on your Timeline will cause your video to displayed across the entire width of your timeline. This makes it less tempting for users to leave your page in order to view YouTube videos externally.



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  2. [...] a variety of post types is key to crafting a killer Timeline. The Timeline’s composer tool makes it easy to post different types of engaging content to [...]