Power Posting

Our Facebook Post-Scheduling feature just got even better.

Question: Want to schedule a post and attached video to go live on your Facebook wall tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM, but don’t want to get up that early?

Answer: Our Facebook Post Scheduling app solves your problem and many others!

Schedule posts ahead of time and never miss a prime opportunity for social media engagement.

Piggybacking on yesterday’s post, we thought we’d continue to share product improvements that were inspired by customer suggestions. We heard loud and clear when several of our customers urged us to expand the capabilities of our Posts Scheduler. And so we did.

Now, using our Posts Scheduler, you can schedule for Facebook Page to automatically publish to your wall posts that include…

  • Action Links (like “Join my mailing list!” with accompanying link)
  • Customized thumbnail images (upload your own images to accompany the link attached to your post)
  • Custom photos (schedule your page to share a photo on your Facebook wall)
  • Videos (schedule your page to share a video on your Facebook wall)

Why Use the Post Scheduler?

Just because you’re awake, doesn’t mean your target social media audience is?

Maybe you’re a left-coaster targeting an East coast audience? Maybe you’re speaking to Tokoyo street food enthusiast from computer in London?

The point is, ideal posting times don’t always fit with you (the poster) and your schedule.

Our Facebook Post Scheduler app takes care of that. Schedule your posts ahead of time for maximum interaction and engagement!

Here is a great article on what the research says about when it’s best to post to Facebook:

When Is The Best Time To Post To Facebook?” by Chris Richardson

Spread out your posts: quality over quantity

As we’ve discussed before, too many posts from your business’s Facebook page and your Fans are apt to be turned off. Don’t clog your follows news feeds with sales-speak.

Make sure your only posting three to four times a day at a minimum, and that your content is primarily product and ad-free that will engage your Fans.

Our Post Scheduler app helps you space out your posts for maximum follower-response!

The Action Links Feature

The Custom Thumbnails Feature

The Video Post Feature

Sign up for the Post Scheduler by visiting my.hy.ly!