The DIY Makeover: Building A Professional Welcome Tab

We’re pretty democratic here at That’s why we try to make sure our Tab-building tools are accessible to the full range of social media users: tab-building for all is one of our mottoes. And it’s also why we want to help our readers, users, and customers enoy the same great Facebook page presence that we recently gave Quincy Lampshades (winner of our inaugural Total Page Makeover content).

Throughout this week, we’re going to walk you through they ways in which you can remodel your own Facebook page in order to embody the tenets of Facebook marketing: simplicity, elegance, and effectiveness.

We’ll start with the basics: building a beatufiul, effective, and functional Welcome Tab…

DIY Welcome Tab Makeover

Except when you’re running a contest or a limited time coupon with more immediate relevance, your Welcome Tab is typically going to be your Facebook page’s Landing Tab, your Facebook presence’s first impression.

As we’ve touched on in previous posts, you want to achieve a simple series of goals with your first impression:

  1. Convert your visitors to Fans (compel them to “Like” your page)
  2. Cue them in as to why they arrived at your page (Briefly introduce you and your business to your visitors)
  3. Encourage them to stick around (direct them to your engaging content)

Image + Text

So how do you convert, welcome, and engage your Facebook page visitors? The strategy with a Welcome Tab is easy: a basic combination of image and text.

Your combination of image and text should be simple, elegant, and results-oriented.

Don’t be scared by our “Pro/Designer” themes. They really are the best, tried and tested, method to achieving our credo of elegance, simplicity, and effectiveness. You don’t have a to be a Pro nor a Designer to use them.

Our Pro/Designer themes are set up for simple image and text input as well as basic color scheme manipulation for branding purposes.

Why we like the Pro/Designer themes: no busy background to distract from your branded image or text. A simpler canvas allows for custom images to shine through.

Step One: Choose an image to upload.

The image is always the most important element. You want to convince your visitor that they should stay for awhile before they even have a chance to read the text.

  • Make sure the image is appealing to the eye.
  • Make sure the image signals your brand/company/business.
  • Make sure the image is 520 px wide.
  • Make sure the image is not so long that it pushes your text out of site.

Your image should achieve two things: tell the visitor who you are, and direct them to “Like” your page, or if they already have, to check out your other content.

Here are a couple examples of good Welcome images…

Step Two: Insert informative and compelling text.

Your text should be short, simple, and sweet. Reaffirm why the visitor has arrived at your Welcome page, i.e. tell them what you’re all about in a couple “punchy” sentences.

Essential Add-ons

Increasing your Visitor to Fan conversion rate is an essential aspect of a Welcome page and your Facebook marketing strategy. Utilizing the Fan-gate feature is the best way to achieve this. To learn more about Fan-gating, go here.

We recommend using a separate image in combination with the Like-Us Hylet…

Out Tab-building system will automatically outfit your uploaded image with text (which you can customize) that will encourage visitors to “Like” your page, as shown below…

Adding a Menu Bar Hylet is a must if you have other Tabs you want to easily direct your visitors to…

And finally, don’t forget to fill out the quick links to your other social media and marketing outlets…

Later this week we’ll cover different combinations of Tabs you can piece together and couple with a Welcome Tab in order to offer a comprehensive, compelling, and engaging Total Page experience.

Sign Up for Your Makeover Now

If you’re feeling lazy, and just want your makeover done for you — well that’s not a good attitude be we can relate — simply enter our newest contest. A new Total Page Makeover contest is already live and accepting applicants. Visit our “Total Page Makeover” Tab (accessible from our Facebook page) for the chance to have your small business’s Facebook presence undergo a complete redesign. The current contest runs through September 30th.


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