How A Total Page Makeover Feels …

You’ve likely picked up on it by now: we recently gave our lucky Total Page Makeover contest winner Ruth and her business Quincy Lampshades a completely redesigned Facebook page. We unveiled the changes here, and we told her story here.

But now, once more, we want to hand the microphone back to Ruth. We hoped our makeover would not only improve Ruth and her business’s social media presence, but would also showcase the potential of our Tab-building tools. We think Ruth’s beautiful new page certainly does that. And thankfully she does too.

We asked to Ruth to share her feelings about her recent makeover and here is what she had to say:

“They have transformed my cobbled together and limp-looking Facebook page into a thing of beauty and functionality. Now I have a business page that I can be proud of! Sporting a lovely new logo, clean looks and glossy reflections, it showcases me and my lampshades perfectly. And it works a trick, with new Likers clicking that all-important Like button all the time. Maybe it’s the new tab featuring a short video, or the swish photo sliding portfolio tab – both gate-liked for maximum leads. ‘Contact Me’, Twitter and Shop tabs, plus links to my blog, give new and potential customers all they need to know. I like it, a lot.”

Note: If this sounds like marketing talk, blame Ruth, she’s an excellent writer (if you remember from her background story, she originally wanted to be a journalist).

Sign Up for Your Makeover Now

It’s not too late for your business to win! A new Total Page Makeover contest is already live and accepting applicants. Visit our “Total Page Makeover” Tab (accessible from our Facebook page) for the chance to have your small business’s Facebook presence undergo a complete redesign. The current contest runs through September 30th.