Quincy Lampshades: A Total Page Makeover Unveiled

Last week we got to know Ruth and read the story of how Quincy Lampshades came to be. Today we reveal the story of Quincy’s fabulous Facebook makeover. The “Total Page Makeover” helped transform the Facebook page in a holistic manner, improving all facets of Quincy Lampshades’ Facebook presence:  the basic appearance, its functionality, and the page’s effectiveness.

The Before Picture

Look to your right to see what Ruth’s page looked like before. It wasn’t ugly or messy necessarily, but underwhelming and one dimensional (also hard to read). To improve her page we:

  • Upgraded her aesthetics (understated elegance)
  • Improved effectiveness (more single action Tabs … more calls to action)
  • Added functionality (better navigation cues)

Keep reading to see what we did…

Appearance: Simple, Sleek, Elegant

With Ruth’s basic aesthetics, we went for understated elegance. We designed Ruth’s new Facebook page to be a light and airy, getting out of the way of her brand and allowing the beauty of her product (her lampshades) to truly shine through and take center-stage.

After “Liking” Ruth’s page a new Fan is automatically directed to a Welcome page where her brand logo and her colorful, quirky lampshades are the main attraction, while short and simple text cue the visitor to where exactly he/she is.

Effectiveness: Multi-Tab philosophy…one Tab, one action

Again, the key here is simplicity. We use only the necessary number of tabs, each with its own singular purpose: The Welcome Tab welcomes, the Twitter Tab engages, the Portfolio Tab (“Peek”) displays her work, the Shop Now Tab encourages actual purchasing, the About Me Tab tells her story, and the Contact Tab builds a leads list and promotes new business inquiries.

Balanced combination: we amassed a healthy balance of Tabs that help generate leads and new business, Tabs that engage Fans and followers, and Tabs that showcase and inform.

Lastly, we improved the effectiveness of Ruth’s page by Fan-gating or Like-gating all of her Tabs (except for her “Shop Now” Tab), helping to increase her Fan conversion rate.

So if you want to watch a funny video about Ruth and her business but you’re not a Fan, here is what you will see:

Functionality: Easy Navigation

It’s essential for your visitors and would-be Fans and customers to be able to get quickly and easily to the various calls to action. The Top Menu Navigation Bar is a Hylet you can and should employ (as we did here) on all your Tabs so that users can quickly move from one Tab to another.

Sign Up for Your Makeover Now

It’s not too late for your business to win too! A new Total Page Makeover contest is already live and accepting applicants. Visit our “Total Page Makeover” Tab here (accessible from our Facebook page) for the chance to have your small business’s Facebook presence undergo a complete redesign. The current contest runs through September 30th.





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