Telling Your Business's Story On Facebook

John Jantsch, the creator of the Duct Tape Marketing System and Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network, is a large proponent of story-telling as business marketing:

“Your marketing story should be one of the primary messages communicated in your printed marketing materials and throughout your web presence” … Read the rest here.

Humans understand the world through narrative. Stories are compelling. It’s why almost every culture or civilization, ancient and modern, has it’s own creation story. Humans have told stories for thousands of years.

And so it makes sense for your business to have a story, and for you to tell it.

The Why and How of Social Media Story-Telling

Here are three small business truths:

  • Small business is social in nature
  • Small business is mostly local in nature
  • Small business is by people, for people

Because these things hold true, it makes sense to engage with story.

Telling a compelling origin story or branding story helps you:

  • Ground your business: offering a face and a place help people and would-be-customers more fully connect with you brand and service.
  • Personify your business: letting your customers know where you’re coming from and where you’re moving to (through narrative) will make your company more approachable, more trustworthy.
  • Keep customers returning: If you have a compelling story, then customers become part of that story (character development) and will be more apt to remain a part of that story.

Using Social Media to Tell Your Story

If social media is the social extension your business, that it seems the obvious place to share your story with your Fans, followers, and customers.

Use a Welcome Tab and an About Us Hylet to offer the opening paragraphs of your story, and use content creation to make sure your story continues to unfurl, drawing in new characters (and new customers) for participation along the way.

It would be a good idea to parallel your story on any other mediums you business uses: your blog, homepage, etc.

Other Bloggers Agree…

Sarah Worsham, who writes the blog Sazbean and serves as CEO & Web Strategist of Sazbean Consulting also thinks social media is a logical avenue for telling your business’s story:

“Using social media to connect to your customers and your potential customers is the first part of telling your story – finding your audience” … Read more here.

Tell Us Your Story

Do you already have a compelling marketing tale being told on your Facebook page? If so, we want to read it. Share a link our comments sections.


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